Two new models

The largest European high end fair is approaching and New Horizon is preparing for the event with many news!

Two models of turntables are already in production and on sale at our Italian and foreign partners.

The first model is called GD 1.12 and is based on the entry level GD 1. The big difference is the adoption of a 12 mm thick methacrylate platter (available as an option on GD 1) able to significantly increase the performances.

New Horizon GD 2.25 is a new project. Commercially it fits just below the current top of the range. Our goal is to offer a product with similar performances of GD 3 but a lower price. Two decoupled plinths, 9″ aluminum arm and methacrylate platter 25 mm thick and over 2 kg in weight.

New Horizon turntables range has expanded and now we can offer 5 different models. They cover the basic and intermediate market price range offering a product completely designed and manufactured in Italy.

More news are about to come at Munich High End 2019. Come and visit us in Halle 3 stand M18.

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