101 / 121

Attention to detail, high quality materials, exclusive projects and a captivating design that combines modernity with an elegant classicism: nothing less to be expected from a product entirely MADE in ITALY.

The 101, the entry model turntables, already has all the construction features that make New Horizon products so unique: crystalline methacrylate platter, 3-parts pin of steel and aluminum and an elastically insulated synchronous AC motor.

Great attention to design and, the exclusive gem of the product, is the motor isolation system: all turntables with rigid frame are very sensitive to vibrations, both from the outside and self-generated, but the proprietary system used minimizes vibrations almost to make them disappear. In this way, the aluminium tonearm works in optimal conditions and the noise picked up by the cartridge is extremely low with a very good listening result.

The New Horizon 121 turntable adopts a thicker and heavier crystal methacrylate platter, increasing the authority and fluidity of the music played compared to the basic model.  An affordable turntable for everyone. A product tahat's second to none.

A 100% MADE in ITALY product to be proud of.

LowBeats - Feb 2021 - Germany

AudioReview - Gen 2020 - Italia
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In depth

Synchronous AC motor

The turntable pulsating heart is the compact 24VAC synchronous motor whose main feature is its extremely regular rotation, independent from the variations of the mains voltage, given that its speed depends on the mains frequency. The high torque and the rotation speed of 500 rpm actively contribute to the regularity and fluidity of the plate rotation.

Mechanical suspension

GD1 is a set of mechanical parts in action. The largest internal source of noise and vibrations is the motor that must be isolated as much as possible from all other parts of the turntable. The engine insulation in New Horizon turntables is made by an exclusive mechanical suspension system. Through precision steel springs, calibrated on the suspended weight of the motor and the pulley, the oscillation transmission to the plinth is efficiently blocked.

Belt drive

The transmission of the motion to the plate is obtained by a special belt in natural rubber. The choice of this material ensures an excellent energy transfer and a good decoupling from the vibrations produced by the engine during the operation.

Inverted bearing

One of the strong points in New Horizon turntables is the plate rotation pivot. The perfection of the movement is the result of a accurate project and several prototypes. Today the piece in production has a sturdy inverted bearing structure in three pieces of aluminum and steel that guarantee the maximum “silence” and a very low rotation friction.

Aluminum arm

The straight 8,6″ arm is supplied and ready for operation. Equipped with an MM cartridge with carbon stylus and calibrated on the right reading weight. Also the anti-skating is self-regulated. The aluminum rod ensure the necessary rigidity, letting the cartridge extracting the best sound from the grooves of the vinyl.

Plinth HD

101 is a rigid-base turntable. It is essential that the base, or plinth, is able to keep stable the fixing of the other parts of the apparel and to stand opposite to the transmission of vibrations and resonances: our choice at New Horizon is the compressed recycled wood pulp and artificial resins. This material is extremely smooth and heavy and its isomorphic composition works much more efficiently than the solid wood.

Methacrylate plate

The appearance is extremely important: on New Horizon turntables there are only laser-cut plates in Crystal Methacrylate. This material with a high specific weight combines the excellent ability to disperse the vibrations kinetic energy, to the elegance of a perfect transparency.

Output on RCA terminals

New Horizon turntables are interfaced in the best way with all your electronics. An excellent insulating material plate accommodates the gold-plated RCA output terminals and the separate earth connector.

Tech Spec 101 / 121

Turntable System
Drive System
Speed Selection
Crystal methacrylate,
Machined Platter
Size (WxDxH)
Weight (Shipping)
Included accessories
Single Rigid Plinth
8.6″ Aluminium Arm
Audio Technica AT-91R MM
External Silicone Drive Belt
Synchronous AC
Motor by Springs
33 1/3, 45 rpm
101: 10mm – 0.85kg
121: 12mm – 1,05kg
450 x 365 x 90 mm
4.6/4.9 (6/6.3) kg
Black Wood
RCA Interconnection Cables
Wall Plug 24VAC / 500mA Power Supply
Owner Manual
Cartridge Reference Template
Arm’s Balancing Weight
Methacrylate Dust Cover (optional)