The Project


Being unique on a technology that is more than 100 years old is rather difficult or even impossible. New Horizon is original because it is not a copy of any other product currently on the market: the project comes from a blank sheet; the solutions adopted unconventional.


A quality product uses quality components. In the utmost simplicity of the products, New Horizon uses the best raw materials available: MDF HD; aeronautical aluminum, harmonic steel ... An object should not only look well-made: it must be well-made.


Style is when beauty accompanies utility. Why producing an impersonal object when we can make a beautiful one with the same level of commitment? New Horizon pays attention to the design of the entire production. Sobriety and elegance contribute to the birth of a new classic.


Behind the scenes, people. New Horizon relies on skilled craftsmen for the production of the semi-finished products. Specialized artisans who work in different branches: furniture design; precision engineering; recreational boating. Every object is the result of human manual work.

This is New Horizon. Devices, accessories and objects designed to be proposed in the global and indistinct current market, with the power of the identity of a local and personal product.

It is NEW, in English, because it is directed to everyone; it is HORIZON, in Latin, because it is the result of the Italian history and culture.