301 – evolution of a turntable

The new range of New Horizon products is now enriched by the 301 turntable model, the first of the 300 series, top of the range of the brand.

The New Horizon catalogue now consists of six turntable models divided into three production lines covering different market ranges:
100 series, consisting of two models in the entry level price range;
200 series, consisting of three models around 1000 euros price range;
– the new 300 series currently consisting of one model offered at less than 2000 euros.

The 301 is a belt driven rigid plinth turntable that incorporates the best features of New Horizon turntables and introduces solutions to enhance the sonic performance. There are three major designs and construction innovations, that will be common in the next future to the other ones in the 300 series:
– a plinth of great thickness and weight which opposes the transmission of vibrations and resonances thanks to its high mass and amorphous composition;
– a methacrylate platter, weighing over 2 kg, completely CNC machined. It is a perfect cylinder that rotates on its axis;
Рnew high damping support feet made of Delrin©, soft natural rubber and a special compound called HQR (hard quiet rubber).
The other fundamental parts that characterize our turntables are already our brand heritage, such as the exclusive spring suspension system which isolates the motor from the plinth, the original inverted bearing composed by 4 elements and a massive central axis of 16mm diameter designed by the New Horizon team.
The fully adjustable 9 “straight aluminum arm is supplied already calibrated with an entry level cartridge (supplied) that will make easier the installation of the cartridge chosen by the customer.

The constructive and design commitment also involved the aesthetic part of the turntable. A new designed dust cover has been adopted; the power switch is located on the lower part of the plinth in a place that is not visible but easy to use. These and other small details adopted increase the cleanliness and pleasantness of the lines. A high performance turntable with a sober and elegant Italian design that is immediately recognizable.

The New Horizon products are fully Made in Italy. The design, the materials and the craftsmanship reflect the beauty, the quality and the originality that you expect to find in a Made in Italy object.

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