New Horizon 101: the new beginning

A new turntable comes out in December that marks a new beginning for the brand. The 101 model is born from the experience gained in the first three years of the company’s life and improves the performance of the already excellent GD 1 at an even lower price.

Countless features make great this turntable small only in its price. The exclusive inverted bearing works in a permanent oil bath and it supports a heavy plexiglass platter with guides for the external silicone transmission belt. It is immune to mechanical interference because the three height-adjustable rubber feet isolate the turntable from the shelf and the 24 V synchronous motor is suspended on springs that decouple it from the bearing/arm/cartridge system. It is immune from electrical interference because it is equipped with effective RF shielding. These are just the most obvious peculiarities of the New Horizon 101 that make it handsome and reliable.

The New Horizon 101 is a high quality plug’n’play turntable. It is offered with Audio-Technica cartridge, fitted and aligned on an 8.6″ aluminum arm, and signal cable to connect to a MM phono input. Simply remove the turntable from its packaging, place it on a shelf and start listening to your vinyls.

An easy turntable: to configure, to use, to listen to. Designed to be the first device purchased that also meets the expectations of a demanding listener.

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