GD Clamp

Record stabilizer clamp made in aeronautical aluminum (weight: 510 gr.)

GD Clamp works with felt, rubber and cork mats and will fit New Horizon and other model turntables with a standard centre spindle.

GD Adapter 45

Universal adapter needed to play 7" vinyl (mostly known as 45 rpm)

GD Carbon spacers

Kit for adjusting the height of the arm (VTA) in New Horizon GD 2 turntable.
The set consists of 3 methacrylate disks of different thickness for an adjustment up to + 6mm.

The kit can be used on any 8.6" Pro-Ject Debut Carbon arm

GD 12 Platter

Kit to fit a 12mm thick platter on New Horizon GD 1 turntable.

Kit contents: platter; spindle adapter; lubricating oil.

GD Special Ball

Ceramic precision ball (aluminium oxide).
This material has the lowest friction coefficient tested and improves the mechanical characteristics of the inverted bearing.
Special Ball perfect fits on the whole GD line.

GD Platter SP

Standard replacement platter (thickness: 10mm; 12mm; 25mm) used on GD turntables.

GD Power 24VAC

Replacement power supply used by GD turntables

IN: 110/230 Vac @ 50/60 Hz

OUT: 24 Vac 0,4 Aac

GD Cover SP

Dust cover used on GD turntable

GD AT MM Cartridge

MM cartridge used by New Horizon GD 1 turntable.

Carbon cantilever, conical stylus.